• Our innovative and creative coaching style is fun and exciting. Our children’s programmes include parent involvement and interaction so you are involved in your child’s learning so they get the best out of the training.
  • Our excellent personal development program helps you/your child in all areas of life and create physically and mentally strong Black Belts.
  • Full-time enthusiastic, encouraging and supportive coaches that are coached by the Martial Artists in the World and are actively training themselves. They have a vast wealth of knowledge with over 80 years of experience between them. Our coaches are more than great teachers; they are positive role models for our students.
  • We teach you a variety of styles to make you an all round Martial Artist and an even better person.
  • Our clean and professional academy makes it the highest quality training facility.
Are you ready to get started?

Whatever your reason for wanting to start at Excel we know that some people can be nervous about taking that first step. That’s why at our family-run academy we offer a friendly, personalized approach to all your training.
Our team will help you feel comfortable and confident about getting started. We pride ourselves in knowing that we have the best coaches and most beneficial and fun programmes in the UK that your entire family will love.

Are you ready to take the first step towards a life changing experience?
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