Imagine your child having the focus, confidence and discipline to achieve their goals and dreams in life. Our fun and exciting mixed martial arts classes inspire and educate your child to be the best they can be in  all areas of their life. Utilising techniques from the styles of karate and kickboxing, your child will get fit in a fun way whilst learning self-defence and about nutrition. Experience has taught us that children who are in an environment that is specifically designed with their age in mind will learn faster whilst having more fun.

Your child will love our enthusiastic and passionate Martial Arts coaches. Each one of our coaches are professionally trained and they will encourage and support them every step of the way. Each one of our coaches is a professionally trained and certified Martial Artist committed to helping you and your child get the best coaching and experience every class.

No one is left on the bench at Excel, everyone is part of the team. A great way for your child to  make new friends and have the feeling of achievement as they progress along their journey to Black Belt.

Benefits for children include:
  1. Focus and Concentration
  2. Confidence and self-esteem
  3. Discipline and Respect
  4. Self-defense
  5. Fitness and Strength
  6. Nutrition and healthy lifestyle
  7. Balance, Flexibility and co-ordination
  8. Anti-bullying
  9. Make new friends and social skills
How do you get started?
Easy, simply contact us today and we will book your intro program. You will have the chance to see if the programme is right for you and ask us any questions. Call us now (0114 248 5188) and we will show you how we can help you achieve your goals in a fun and motivating way.
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