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Excel Martial Arts

  • Increase Confidence
  • Bully proof your child!

Confident Kids Workshop

Help your child have the confidence to Excel in school!

Practical workshop alongside parents.

Every parent wants their child to have confidence. It is important in building a quality life. A child with confidence has the potential to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

A child earns confidence through hard work and effort, by doing well in school, and respecting themselves, their family and their friends. A child without confidence does not believe they are worthy or capable of doing anything great. When things get hard, a child without confidence will most likely quit. Quitting only diminishes a child’s confidence. As parents, we must encourage
them to work hard and never give up.

Help your child learn the 3 secrets of confidence and practical ways to become bully proof.

Saturday 18th September 1:15-2:30pm £20 per child

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